I'm a Dirty Girl
and you can call me DG

I have a Professional Job, Why am I Working as an Escort?

Simply Because I Want To.

I’m single, I love adventure, I love  the unknown, the new, the fantasy and of course I simply love sex. I simply want to explore my newly found freedom and test its boundries. I’m clearly not really an escort at least not as a professional, its more of an experience and a hobby of sorts.

I’m looking to meet those who are visiting Israel who are interested in playing with me. Clearly I’m not interested in meeting those men / woman who live and work in Israel, it could create a situation that is a bit uncomfortable for the both of us.

My higher price? I think my price makes me one of the most expensive girls in Israel. I’m just simply worth it.

First Impressions are Important.

Whether its in politics, work or just a casual party, our first impressions are very important to those we meet. We make many decisions based on those first impressions.

Which brings me to my simply but stylish website. I don’t need a lot to write about, but what is important is the time and effort spent in its overall impression that it gives: that I’m woman of style and class.

There is More to See
and lots to do, so much to do...

Please fill out the form, with special emphasis on the Message area where I would like to know as much as I can about you, before making my decision.

Write well and do NOT call me babe or sugar or anything like that.

And of course the price:

1900nis for the hour with me

(dollars and Euros are acceptable)

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Created in 2019: Note since the laws in Israel are a bit vague interms of my rights to do what I want with me body and my own advertising, I shall make this clear that I’m officially  just offering you the chance to have a fascinating converstation with fascinating woman, who likes giving massages 🙂